Comprehensive Construction Consulting Services

From project inception to testing and operational launch, we work with our clients to resolve complex problems.

We understand that the success of any projects depends on the best use of time before construction even begins. During our pre-construction consulting, our proactive team of experienced engineers & managers help clients set realistic target goals related to scope, safety, budget, schedule and quality.  Each client’s requirements are unique; therefore, our collaborative and knowledgeable team approach each project differently to ensure a safe and successful project completion.

At Javan Engineering, we take special pride in our clients’ satisfaction. We are very grateful for their constant referrals and certainly, enjoy the opportunity to help them realize their project vision. Our cost estimating, scheduling and planning services are integrated into a unique comprehensive process that assists our clients toward consistently reliable project outcomes.

Construction Management Consultants

Javan Engineering delivers total engineering design and construction management services using our team of expert engineers and project managers. What sets Javan apart from others is our passion for what we do. We get excited when involved with challenging projects. Our construction management teams are developed based on a project’s specific needs and requirements and include experienced project leaders from a variety of essential disciplines.

Industry Leading Engineering Project Management

Our engineering project management team works collaboratively with the clients, design and commissioning teams to oversee and execute the projects. With their effective leadership, attention to detail and reliable partnership, clients can trust our project managers throughout the life of their project. Project costs, schedules, safety, quality, subcontractors and venders are all closely and continuously monitored to secure contract compliance – allowing for early identification of any issues that arise.

From pre-construction planning to construction management to post-construction, Javan Engineering seamlessly functions as an extension of our clients. We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and welcome consulting with you regarding your current or upcoming project.

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Our pre-construction services are key to a realistic, well-organized, execution strategy. These services include:

  • Cost Estimating, Scheduling & Planning Services
  • Constructability & Logistics
  • Safety Planning
  • Gap/Risk Analysis
  • Procurement, Planning & Execution
  • Schedule Development / Management
  • Design Assist Management
  • Value Engineering/Target Value Design


Our construction services are suited for end-to-end project management, implementation, documentation and launch. These services include:

  • Project Management
  • Safety Leadership
  • Site Safety, Planning & Execution
  • Critical Path Scheduling & Execution
  • Field Construction Management
  • Subcontractor & Vendor Management
  • Shutdown Planning & Execution
  • Field Engineering
  • Document Control & Expediting
  • Start-Up, Commissioning, & Training
  • Project Cost Management & Control
  • Lean Project Delivery