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Pressure Relief Design

Protect Your Employees, Your Assets, Your Environment, and Comply with Government Regulations.

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Pressure vessels can fail catastrophically causing employee fatalities and property damage. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require employers to provide a safe work place.

Javan Engineering’s program for conducting pressure relief device design basis evaluations (PRD’s) offers employers access to a team of chemical and mechanical engineers experienced with chemical, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, equipment, and emergency pressure relief protecting devices.

Safety and Compliance History 

Many manufacturers at the turn of the 20th century enacted regulations for the manufacture of boilers and pressure vessels following catastrophic failures resulting in large losses of life and property.  ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) was called upon to unify these regulations in what would later become the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC).  Other local and national professional engineering groups, such as the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the National Fire and Protection Agency (NFPA), have contributed additional guidelines to ensure pressurized vessel safety; forming a complex  system of compliance rules.

4-Step Process to Pressure Vessel
Safety Code Compliance

  1. PROCESS REVIEW – whether it’s a new or existing installation, we walk down the vessels and meet with your site personnel to gather relevant process information.
  2. CODE ANALYSIS AND CALCULATION – we review the code regulations pertinent to your equipment and perform chemical and mechanical calculations to properly size devices for emergency pressure relief.
  3. DOCUMENTATION PREPARATION – we compile all process, regulatory code, calculations, and findings in a document that serves as a single point of reference for regulatory agency review.
  4. CODE COMPLIANCE – if your existing equipment fails to meet code regulations, we work with you to install cost-effective and compliant solutions.


Federal, State, and Local regulations do not allow for “grandfathering” when it comes to safety. Either employers are or are not providing a safe working environment for employees. OSHA’s 1910.119 Process Safety Management requires “written process safety information” for the “relief system design and design basis.”

It is not enough to install a pressure relief device the same size as an available vessel nozzle or pipeline.

Manufacturing engineering staffs are often focused on production demands and may not be familiar with relief design calculations, and therefore seek to leverage the expertise of Javan Engineering to meet regulatory compliance goals.

Work with a Leading
Engineering Consulting Firm

Javan Engineering was founded in 1994 as a consulting engineering organization offering services in: chemical, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, automation, and controls. Javan Engineering specializes in OSHA’s Process Safety Management, Pressure Relief Protection, Fall Protection, Electrical Area Classification, and Arc Flash Studies complimenting a core offering in all phases of project management…conceptual/feasibility, preliminary, final, detailed design, procurement, construction, commissioning, closeout, maintenance and reliability. 

As passionate & dedicated engineers we prefer our work to speak for itself. Explore our site and read project summaries within the industrial engineering design and chemical engineering sectors. To see a more comprehensive listing of our project range, please visit our projects page.

Reports from the Real World

Click either image or headline to read the actual reports about these two accidents where improper pressure relief was a key factor.

Safe Tank Manufacturing Design

Read about the safety considerations one must consider when designing and manufacturing pressure vessels.

Image courtesy U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

Image courtesy U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

PSM Consulting Solutions

Stay Ahead of Regulations & Confidently Meet Compliance

With Javan Engineering’s PSM Consulting Solutions, you’ll gain access to professionals who offer comprehensive compliance and engineering solutions designed to help develop and maintain your PSM and other compliance programs. You’ll be able stay ahead of regulations, reallocate limited resources and focus on core business, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

Business Challenge 

You’re responsible for maintaining your company’s process safety management (PSM) program and ensuring it’s compliant with federal and state regulations. But the landscape — internal procedures and external requirements — is constantly changing and it’s becoming nearly impossible to know exactly where you stand. 

The number of processes and compliance schedules under your management is increasing and, despite the growing complexity of your program, you have limited resources to fully understand the requirements, evaluate your risk and take corrective action. The safety of your employees is paramount — not to mention the reputation of the company — but you realize it’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out. An existing metal alloy and fabrication plant was acquired by a larger company.  A complete site review was needed to ensure compliance with corporate and OSHA regulations.

Javan Engineering’s
PSM Consulting Solutions

Navigate the Regulatory Environment

Leverage practical experience to understand what regulations are applicable to your business, assess your current state and develop a comprehensive roadmap to meeting compliance.

Simplify compliance

Easily manage your compliance schedules through custom tools and technology that offer visibility across your various projects and programs.

Achieve sustainability

Develop comprehensive safety and risk management programs that keep your employees safe, while easily evolving to meet tomorrow’s requirements.


$20 billion, or five percent of annual production, is lost annually in the global process industry due to unscheduled downtime and poor quality – almost 80 percent of which can be prevented.

[Source: ARC Advisory Group]


  • Peace of mind that your compliance programs meet state, federal and internal regulations and standards
  • Efficient flexible programs deliver maximum value
  • Safe and healthy work environments for employees and the community at large

What if You Could…

  • Rest assured that your company is compliant with regulations and standards
  • Easily maintain compliance schedules and the required documentation
  • Efficiently manage your safety and risk management efforts across the organization

Our FIVE-STEP COMPLIANCE DESIGN PROCESS delivers confidence and recurrent value.

Assessment and Review

Whether you’re an industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare or university client, we offer a complete set of initial assessment and review services that enables visibility across your organization and identifies which regulations are applicable to your environment.

Gap Analysis

Our team of professionals has an average of 25 years of hands-on experience analyzing data, delivering evaluation reports and prioritizing areas within your existing safety and risk management programs that require enhancements to meet compliance.

Program Development

We can help you develop a comprehensive roadmap to meet your compliance requirements and internal standards. We also offer complete engineering design capabilities – process, mechanical, electrical, structural and automation and controls – should you need to take corrective action.

Implementation Services

Our team works with you – at your facility – to assist with any process, procedure or engineering challenges that may arise throughout the implementation phase of your project or program.

Continued and Ongoing Support

Our goal is to be the preferred engineering partner for our clients and offer a complete suite of support services that may be needed over the life of our relationship, including design engineering, project management, staff augmentation, asset management, strategic planning, and staff training name a few.

We would be delighted to discuss your project needs.

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