Sand Silo Mixer Tank

OBJECTIVE: Replace deteriorated wood storage silos by installing process mixer tanks below cone of abandoned concrete storage silo.

HIGHLIGHTS: The project scope included installation of two (2) mixer tanks with agitators for sand slurry at the front end of the site’s primary process. The purpose was to relocate the raw material storage at the start of the process from two (2) deteriorated wood storage silos to an abandoned concrete storage silo without interrupting the production process.

To achieve the proper flow of material, the floor inside the silo below the cone had to be lowered, which included demolition, civil site work, underground utilities, concrete foundations, concrete slabs, equipment support and maintenance access platforms, major equipment installation, interior process and utility piping, electrical process functional description, specifying and bidding major equipment.

RESULTS: A safer and more user friendly operation were established. Project was completed well within budget and ahead of schedule.

LOCATION: Maryland, Chemical Manufacturing Facility

PROJECT SIZE: Approximately $750K


  1. Project Scoping and Estimating
  2. Process/Mechanical Engineering and Design
  3. Civil/Structural Engineering and Design
  4. Electrical/Controls Scope Definition and Functional Description