Cage Wash Replacement for an Animal Research Facility

OBJECTIVE: The objective of the project included replacing an old cage wash unit at an animal research facility at a large University.

HIGHLIGHTS: This client had schedule and work site restrictions that required special conditions to be adopted for handling the large equipment. The washer was transported to the specific installation room in small sections and reassembled at the site by factory representatives. The animal facility needed to remain open prior to construction as long as possible and then back on-line quickly to minimize impact to the research that is conducted in the facility. Project designs included architectural issues concerning access and doorways and room finishes. Engineering included mechanical installation designs for the equipment, room HVAC (airflow, pressurization, etc.), piping (steam & condensate, hot water, cold water, drains, compressed air, etc.) and electrical designs for power wiring. A separate remotely mounted air compressor was included as part of the project to accommodate the compressed air requirements for the new cage wash unit. Design for this air compressor included mechanical layout, piping, and electrical power.

RESULTS: The project was completed within the scheduled window of completion and the project budget was maintained. Regular contact with the owner and contractor during construction helped address issues that arose with no effect to the project schedule.

LOCATION: Pennsylvania, Higher Education Facility

PROJECT SIZE: Approximately $1.2M


  1. MEP Engineering
  2. Architectural Design
  3. Construction Assistance