Existing/Idle Facility Retrofit & Reopening

OBJECTIVE: Design and commissioning for the re-occupation of a pharmaceutical facility

HIGHLIGHTS: Project to reopen and reoccupy a large pharmaceutical facility that was shut down for two (2) years. To meet deadlines, the project required interim deliverables provided in tandem with maintenance, utility reestablishment, start-up, and construction activities. Designed through a continuously moving scope as five (5) departments of researchers worked through their space requirements for a multitude of different types of labs which all required renovation.

RESULTS: The project resulted in the successful relocation of the client’s team into a facility that met their specific design criteria.  The project schedule required that multiple phases be performed in parallel and this was possible through a diligent approach to project communication and Javan’s flexibility in providing resources when and where necessary.


LOCATION: New Jersey, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

PROJECT SIZE: Approximately $2.1M


  1. Project Scoping and Estimating
  2. Facility/Mechanical Engineering and Design
  3. Electrical/Controls Scope Definition and implementation