Site-Wide Steam Main Replacement

OBJECTIVE: Evaluate, design, and replace a failing site-wide underground steam distribution system before it failed completely without impacting ongoing site operations.

HIGHLIGHTS: Javan’s engineers performed a failure analysis of a failing site-wide underground steam distribution system, and found that the failure modes made repair of the existing system could not permanently stop the issues. After the clients decided to proceed with a full system replacement, Javan’s design team worked with them to determine the optimal route. Given the comparison in material and labor costs, the decision was made to running almost a mile of new steam and condensate pipe over roofs and between buildings.

The project then proceeded in Preliminary Engineering and later Detailed Design to make this happen without impacting ongoing site operations, being externally visible from the street, and providing ease of accessibility and maintenance. Javan partnered with Architects to maintain site aesthetics while delivering the required system performance. Javan’s integrated team of structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, as well as a large team of support staff, contributed to the success of this fast-track and high-visibility project. Javan also provided commissioning services for this design-heavy project, since an external commissioning agent would not have had the appropriate background in the system or the critical specifics of the design.

RESULTS: Javan’s upfront value engineering and out-of-the-box thinking by the team resulted in a multi-million dollar financial savings to the project and the continuous annual energy savings of a properly designed steam system. The quality of the final design also allowed for zero-damage to occur to the on-going construction of the system during Hurricane Sandy.

LOCATION: New Jersey, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

PROJECT SIZE: Approximately $15M


  1. Failure Analysis
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Preliminary Engineering
  4. Detailed Design
  5. Construction Administration
  6. Commissioning Support