Our Clients’ Own Words

P. Palmieri, Sr. Project Manager

“Your Project Manager and his team was very responsive, turned around requests quickly, handled the customer very well, and became instrumental to the success of the job. This was not your typical project, closer to a design build than anything else. With all the challenges we had with the tenants & the various sub-contractors, your project manager & his team stepped up greatly to support this successful project ”

C. Gould, Reliability Associate Director

“I wanted to acknowledge the support your team has given us this year. The Project Manager and his team were instrumental in creating the tools to gather the information, conduct the assessment and track the actions as well as take part in some of the site’s assessment meetings. We do not achieve the success we have without the strong support and execution from the Javan Team. Thank you.”

F. Angiuoli, PSM/PRD Manager

“Your Project Manager’s confidence in his engineering abilities and his ‘Right the First Time’ approach, both with ensuring his thought process is correct and consistent with our Engineering Standards, and his focus on cost effective solutions has greatly helped fill a personal gap within the Site’s PRD Program.”

T. Riddle, Site Construction Management Director

“Your Project Manager has interacted effectively with our client, and I feel that he has displayed impressive Project Manager Leadership while driving design on a fast pace project. He is a pleasure to work with, carrying out tasks good-naturedly and with much dedication. He possesses good communication and leadership skills and has shown genuine concern towards others and their work. During this project he has brought an increase on the overall success through his great contributions and creative input.”

B. Sullivan, Project Lead

“I wanted to quickly tell you what a valuable asset your Project Manager is to our team. Over the years plant personnel have come and gone but he has been great during these transitions. He is able to fill in where needed in the organization. His performance this year has been nothing short of remarkable in a difficult situation. His ability to multi-task and push all of our projects forward is a prime example of why he is such a great value. He is a testament to the excellent people Javan has working for them.”

S. Miller, Maintenance Excellence

“The Project Engineer has taken a leadership role in our project and has been instrumental in the process development and execution. Many days he has modified his personal schedule to meet the needs of the project. He is a role model example of customer focus and understanding the critical items that need to be pushed through to keep the project on track. We are very grateful that he is part of our project team.”

A. Trimpin, Project Manager

“Our project was completed on time and on budget. A great portion of the credit for that goes to Javan for the timely and accurate completion of not just the original scope of work but all the  changes as well. Although engineering and construction occurred nearly simultaneously, we never had to stop work for lack of drawings or details. Further, the amount of construction re-work because of engineering was non-existent. By any measure, Javan did an excellent job.”

B. Starr, Senior Project Manager

“Your Project Manager did an exceptional job of leading the Javan Engineering Team with clear direction and organization of the scope of work by discipline. I know that your staff worked many overtime hours to meet our deadlines…and they did indeed meet the dates! The Javan Team’s enthusiasm, dedication and open communication from start to finish was key to the high success of our projects. It was a pleasure working with all of you. As always, your staff’s professionalism has strengthened our confidence in Javan Engineering. Thank you for a job well done!”

J. Backer, Engineering Manager

“Your Engineers’ patience and ownership of the design reflected their drive and desire to deliver a fully functional, cost effective design, and their commitments to achieve a successful project outcome. They were excellent at follow-up; their personal contacts and meetings with suppliers and the utility company played a significant role in delivering an electrical package that met all of our needs. I would be very happy to work with your team on any future projects.”

S. Shusterman, Engineering Manager

“The Project Manager and I developed a relationship early in the project that led to a dynamic and professional interaction amongst Javan and subcontractors. Working in a collaborative environment with a group whose sole aim was to please the client and deliver what we needed made this a win-win effort. I definitely will consider Javan for all future design requirements.”

G. Burchett, Manufacturing & Technical Manager

“If it weren’t for your demonstrated commitment to service and the quality as evidenced by your organization, I likely would not have been able to make the level of introduction that I did. Friendships and relationships are important to me, but honesty and integrity are all important to me. So bottom line… you deserved it.”

A. Garcia, Project Engineer

“I gave you as a reference because your organization has been so responsive to our needs. All the guys have been great. By the way, I met Jim in the airport in Cincinnati on my way back from Decatur and he thanked me for giving him your name and is satisfied with the support that he is already getting from your team.”

E. Spencer, Project Manager

“I want to personally thank you and your outstanding group of employees for the excellent work which was done on many projects. I have worked closely with Javan Engineering on a weekly basis and unequivocally submit that they are an outstanding group of individuals in every respect. This group of professionals has met every project challenge, on schedule, and on budget. Many times I have requested their assistance in analyzing and solving complex problems of our company, and Javan Engineering has always been able to provide the best solution for us.”

R. Distler, Project Manager

“I want to congratulate you and the Javan Engineering team that put together a winning combination of design and project planning that brought Phase Two online one week ahead of schedule and within budget. We want you to know that your long hours and hard work really paid off. Thank you very much.”


D. Novak, Engineering Manager

“I phoned you late on Friday afternoon with a problem and you kindly agreed to pick up the drawing at my home. You had your engineer analyze the structure the next day, and you spent time that Saturday afternoon inspecting the tank and its welds. Your recognition of the response we sometimes need in a plant environment is commendable. We feel fortunate to have the services of Javan Engineering. Keep up the good work and thanks again for supporting us in an extraordinary way.”

D. Latham, Project Manager

“Javan Engineering’s teamwork at our plant has been first-class and instrumental in working with the Chemicals team at our plant. This includes all types of interface with plant engineers, supervisors, operators, and Safety and Purchasing personnel.”

J. Lewis, Project Engineer

“I know that everyone worked very hard and put in some long hours to meet our aggressive schedule. The engineering and construction were completed ahead of schedule, on a schedule that was tight to begin with. Your engineers were quick in responding to our questions and suggestions and made many excellent suggestions of their own along the way. Once construction was complete, the plant was started up quickly with very few problems. The final product, a chemical processing plant, looks like a work of art. Thank you again for your time and effort and I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

L. Peavy, Purchasing Director

“Congratulations on receiving the Engineer of the Year Award. The people at our company have always known that your firm was truly outstanding in the quality of engineering services they perform. We also know that you are a team of engineers to work with and that your ethics and professionalism are beyond reproach. Again, congratulations and may the coming year bring you further success.”

P. Leppert, Senior Project Engineer

“I feel that the HVAC and Electrical Project Managers did a very good job of providing the scientists with facilities that fully meet their needs while maintaining a focus on cost containment and timing. In addition, the Javan Engineering Construction Manager did an excellent job as the interface between construction, scientists and administration, as well as driving on-time completion of the project. In short, I’m very pleased with the value-added services provided by Javan Engineering in the planning and execution of this project.”

S. Shusterman, Infrastructure & Support Services Manager

“Thank you for making this project the huge success it is. The end result was true to what we projected; a reduction of 80% of the actual bills from the water company, our water utility reflects a reduction of 81.5%. This results in a savings of $258,000 per year to the bottom line. Water bill success at last!”

D. Shuler, Process Supervisor

“Please accept our sincere thanks on a very well executed project. At present, it appears that the suggestions you made has put the completed project at less than 50% of budget!! Please pass along our appreciation to those who developed this plan. Their thinking outside-of-the-box met the project requirements, saved us a considerable sum of money, and produced a product that is attractive, safe, and easy to operate.”

From Moses Javan

As a business owner, I truly cherish the words of our clients. They are a better testament to our work than anything we might write. But more than the words themselves, I value the effort of taking the time to write them — often in a real letter. As people, we are quick to criticize and rarely take the time to express gratitude for a job well done. We are grateful to have clients who do rare deeds and strive to be the best.

Many of the sentiments to the left compliment the people who work at Javan Engineering. Our staff, and especially our senior staff, embrace the ideal that we are each CEO of our own ambitions, actions and responses to challenge. So, while the generous comments may be addressed to members of our Leadership Team, they are a testament to the consistent work of our entire engineering team.

On behalf of everyone at Javan Engineering, thank you for your kind words and we look forward to your next exciting project.

Kindest Regards,

Moses Javan