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Why Javan Engineering?
For Clients

Javan Engineering has worked hard to forge a reputation for smart, practical, reliable, safe and forward-thinking engineering solutions.

Our experienced group of Engineers and Designers averages 25 years as a professional. This expert team serves our distinguished clients in the Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Hospital and University areas. But experience is not everything. We are curious, love being challenged and are passionate about our work. We believe our passion is one of the reasons why our quality & safety conscious clients have stayed with Javan year after year.

Javan was founded on a simple idea: That success is a byproduct of “Performance & Relationships.” And for over 25 years, we have lived by the motto “Built on Performance & Relationships.” Whether it’s a first project or our fiftieth for someone, we aim to earn that client’s trust and respect for managing their most challenging projects, safely & successfully. No project is identical to another, and while similarities can breed best practices, we approach each engagement with an open mind and critical eyes. Our engineers have worked in a variety of plant/facility environments and understand the challenges you face daily.

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For Candidates
Work-Life balance is important to everyone at Javan Engineering.  The company has cultivated a culture where challenges and creativity coexist with fun & family.

We are a company that cares about its employees, clients, community & the environment. We routinely work on interesting projects that have tremendous impacts on lives, communities & the environment. You will find Javan Engineers’ fingerprints on many innovations that touch our daily lives including high-technology, consumer products, medicine, architecture, communications and energy.

We are a team of engineering, technology and implementation experts working on a variety of projects for clients in the Industrial, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Hospital & University sectors. It may be cliché, but we really do work hard and play hard. From golf outings and baseball to team biking and running events, you’ll find you are part of a team that has fun together. At Javan Engineering, you work with some of the most passionate, experienced and friendly experts across many professions including engineering, sciences, architecture, construction, energy, and management.

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From Moses Javan

From time to time I’m asked “why Javan?” This question always gets me excited, and I answer it the same way, “If you knew who comprises Javan and were familiar with our core beliefs, then you would know, “why Javan.”

We are passionate about our work and truly care about serving our clients while establishing long term working relationships. We put action behind our words, embrace challenges and approach each project thoughtfully from multiple viewpoints. With over 200 dedicated team members, we’ve earned many terrific clients, worked on an array of interesting projects, learned a thing or two and continue to challenge ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

I am very grateful for the work of our excellent team members and the support of our valued clients as we settle into our third exciting decade of engineering.

Thank you for your interest,

Moses Javan